Brushing Boots


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BLACK only

Made with Neoprene and Double Velcro Fastenings. They have a protective padded area on the side of the boot which is on the inside of the horses leg, protecting the cannon bone and Fetlock.

“Brushing boots or splint boots are used to protect a horse‘s legs during exercise, protecting the lower leg from injury that may occur if one leg or hoof strikes the opposite leg. They are commonly seen on horses in fast work, such as jumping, when in training, such as when longeing, or in competitions such as reining or eventing. Brushing injuries are more common on theforelegs, when one hoof catches the other leg, or when the fetlock or cannon bones hit each other. This can cause a serious injury on a horse’s legs, especially if the horse is wearing shoes. Poor equine conformation can often lead to brushing, although even properly-conformed horses can also accidentally injure themselves. Brushing boots may also be placed on horses in the field to protect them if they get overly excited. Other reasons for use may include placement on a young or unfit horse which may be excitable and step on itself, or on horses subject to intense work that may may stumble more if they are tired.”         REF: Wikipedia


PONY (Height 17cm Width 17cm)

COB (Height 19cm Width 18cm)

FULL (Height 23cm Width 27cm)


EXTRA FULL SIZE (Height 25cm Width 29cm)

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Cob, Full, Pony, XFull


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